Want to start a clothing line but have low quantities?

The Clothing Company designed the Garments Production Package to suit small businesses, startups and newcomers to the clothing production industry to help getting them exactly what they need. Our professional Garments Production Package takes care of people who want to develop their own clothing line and make the best garment product.


Social Responsibilites

Consumers increasingly favor sustainable apparel companies that minimize their impact on people and the planet—and top brands are responding in kind. There is a lot of concern about the impact of fast fashion on the world. Consumers have become more aware of where their clothing comes from and how it is made, and many choose to only support companies that care for their workers and their environment. Fortunately for these conscious shoppers, a growing number of brands—including major players like these—are increasingly responding in kind.

Social responsibility has become a major concern among consumers. They are more conscientious than ever before about the products they buy, how those products are produced, and who produces them.

Corporate social responsibility or CSR

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is becoming an increasingly important part of making fashion more sustainable. CSR is used to describe a company’s efforts to improve society or the environment. Crucially for the textile industry, this includes implementing environmentally sustainable policies across the entire production chain. Successful eco-friendly CSR policies can help reduce environmental impact and increase the sustainability of textiles, while also benefiting the company. Manufacturers and brands within the textile industry are increasingly aware of their responsibility towards society and the environment, developing effective and exciting CSR programs.

CSR is essential to address the current damaging cycle of fast fashion, and consumers, brands and manufacturers must all play their part. This article takes a look at the importance of effective, eco-friendly CSR polices that benefit both companies and the environment.
Corporate social responsibility is the future for a thriving fashion industry

Brand and Manufacturers

Brands and manufacturers should take the time to develop impactful, effective CSR schemes that will help to create a more sustainable global textile industry. Good CSR schemes are impactful across the whole of a textile business, as well as at a global textile industry and societal levels. Generating positive brand benefits such as better PR, trust among customers and increased brand awareness go hand in hand with reduced impact on the environment and eco-friendly manufacturing messages. Corporate social responsibility is no longer a choice- it’s an essential component of a modern textile company.

We Guarantee Our Quality

We have stricter than industry standard quality checks in place. Our customer reviews speaks for the quality manufacturing standards we uphold.


Tailored Service

All brands require those unique touches to garments. Small batch production is ideal for companies in niche sectors such as luxury clothing and sportswear, as this type of apparel requires particular attention to detail.
By choosing a niche clothing manufacturer, you will experience a dedicated service which offers your brand a hands-on approach during design and production. This will help to give you peace of mind and helps build a relationship between you and the Clothing company